It seems to be raining a lot now. Everytime I go for a walk with C. it starts to rain on us. Last night I was quite unprepared and now am paying the price with chills.

The good news is that Sun is becoming more environmental with a couple of interesting programs that offer hope. A large % of their workforce now works from home or flexes. They’re offering thin clients that remove, as I paraphrase, “a 200 watt heater” from under each employee’s desk. And their black box offers a level of efficiency not seen in other server farms. The bad news is that there is nothing surprising or radical about their actions. It is, again, the low hanging fruit, the good news is that they ARE taking action. Period. Actions speak louder than words and in this case Sun’s actions do speak loudly and positively for our future.

Which means that it was an interesting and entertaining bit with C…. except for the rain.



~ by mud on March 28, 2007.

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