A couple of lessons the last few days. The first one: I have a strange personal history and very rarely meet people with similar charachteristics of life or childhood or history as I have. Someone I’ve known for the longest time said something to me the other day.

He said “me too” I almost fell over with attraction. It was amazing what that piece of shared history could do to change the way I viewed him. I had no idea we shared something quite formative in common. I guess it was a good thing I was sitting down. I never realized how important shared stuff was to me on such a gut level. Maybe it’s because I so rarely HAVE that shared stuff in common with others that it doesn’t hit me and so I learned… new stuff, new reaction!

Another story. I’ve learned the value of knowing your friends and accepting ALL of their quirks and strange bits. I got thanked for being so accepting just the other day. I didn’t think that I was “working” to be accepting. The quirks that were shared with me were just that… quirks. I guess I’ve always figured that since I’m so strange that others have to have a bit of strangeness stored away somewhere. I found it interesting and intruiging more than anything else. Also, I realized how happy I was to be a friend to this person. I guess I like my friends to have quirks. I might get bored otherwise 😉


~ by mud on March 30, 2007.

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