AMC theaters suck.

Ok. I am trying to be PG here today. I am angry. Horrible theater. We arrived for the 7.40 movie at about 7.30 and were subjected to a series of television commercials until around 7.45. These were horrible and NOT what I paid money to see. Then the previews started and went until 8pm. If the movie doesn’t start until 8pm they shouldn’t advertise it as starting any earlier. Period.

I won’t be going to an AMC theater again. Yuck yuck yuck.

The good news is that the company that went to the movie with me was great, funny and made the best of it all. The movie was entertaining and the queen a woman after my own heart. (She kills the evil traitor instead of being some wimpy sit by and watch the world fall apart kind of woman.)

And so life goes on…


~ by mud on April 3, 2007.

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