I’m really tired today. I think I’m fighting off the gook that is floating around. When I get tired I get cranky. I had a button pushed today. Sadly I don’t think any of the people who pushed my button are old enough or mature enough to realize the situation. Frustration. I don’t mind that people have their own lives. I just get really annoyed when they stand around and watch me work instead of living their own lives. No offer to help, no “what could I do to help you?” No nothing. I felt invisible. When you do something of service to others it’s nice that they thank you. It’s even nicer if they pitch in. At the very least, don’t just stand there and watch me. It will annoy me.

In other cranky news, I finally have time in my life that I can volunteer. I chose a local organization that does work that I like and respect that I have skills to contribute. I first contacted the organization in mid-Febuary. I have yet to have an appointment, nor do they have a clear volunteer intake process. I feel as if the ED just ignores my emails as we seem to have, finally, agreed to a scheduled time and yet today I got an email saying “how about this date”. Which I had specifically told her that x, or y dates worked for me but anything between m and n wouldn’t because I planned on being out of town. I wonder if she’s dealing with major burn-out. I wonder if I really want to contribute my time and volunteer for such a disorganized place? Hmmmmnnnn…..


~ by mud on April 11, 2007.

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