20 inches!

I love my new 20 inch toy. Yes, finally a flat panel. And to match I finally hooked up a trackball. I’m really getting way too comfortable here. Next I’ll be getting a leather chair and… oh, I already have that..

I finally got on Skype. If you’re on skype you can look me up. It’s pretty obvious. I’m me. No shock there. No other real news. I’m still ga ga and mooing. I thought a bit more about my previous comment about jumping the fence. It’s really a very nice field with good company. When I’ve jumped the fence in the past I’ve always had the best of reasons to jump the fence and the grass was always much greener on the other side. This time, I suspect that the grass will stay green on this side. At least, this time I have realistic hope. Or maybe I should say that there was NO grass on my side of the fence and I needed to go looking for grass, brown OR green, elsewhere.

But now, awfully green grass. Well fed and mooing.


~ by mud on April 14, 2007.

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