Dirty Underwear

It was a few months or more ago that some particular people showed me their dirty underwear. At least, that’s what L. said to make me laugh about the absurdity of it all. The whole situation made me sad for some time. I can’t say that I handle it well when my illusions are shattered. When I was younger and my illusions of the world were shattered I felt anger. Now, now I just feel sadness. Sadness that someone could be so mean, cruel, selfish. Sad that this is the type of people that exist. Sad that this is the world that we live in.

But still, I hold out hope that there are wonderful, kind, caring people in this world.. just not them. And even more sadly they’re now showing their dirty underwear to someone else. Someone not deserving of the experience. Ahh well, a snake is a snake is a snake. Hopefully, others around will see that it’s a snake and move away and take care of themselves or protect themselves in dealing with a snake.

I would like to think that experiences like this allow me to be more proactive in protecting myself. Less likely to have illusions about people that give some indication of having dirty underwear of being a snake. Maybe it’s a lesson for me and others to grow. Maybe the rest of us that have a kind heart will find a way to structure relations, businesses and society in a manner that protects us from such snakes.

Then again, without bad, how do we learn?


~ by mud on April 18, 2007.

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