Cheating has been proven to work. I got my fuzzy sweetie back.

Dazi has been sleeping with one of my other roommates, AGAIN. So this last week the Pookster (aka Pookie, a beautiful tiny calico) has been sleeping with me. She has a thing for sleeping on skin. Like my hands, arms, and .. face, sneeze sneeze. This morning.. Dazi was back. And affectionate. And purring. And loving.

So ha ha. If your cat is cheating on you just sleep with another cat and your cat will come back! Cheating works!!


At least, in the cat world. Don’t appy to the human world. Humans usually talk and.. well.. I’ve never seen it work in the human world. But I wonder.. what about dogs? Naw, they’re so loyal in the first place they’d never think of it, much less act upon it.


~ by mud on April 19, 2007.

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