I have a friend P. who I haven’t seen in years. But from the grapevine he always asks about me. I’m going to show up on another friend’s doorstep and surprise P. in a few days. So I was thinking about him, how he’s grown, changed, etc. What he’s doing and dreaming these days.

I realized that I have always thought of him as the fairy dust guy. Why you ask? Well, I’ve not yet met or heard of anyone who hasn’t loved P. from the moment of meeting him. He’s a charmer and plays his way through life. I realize that I think of him as the guy who sprinkles a bit of fairydust when he meets you and all of a sudden you (a) love him and (b) turn into an 8 year old child and are willing to play when he’s around.

So I get to see my fairydust here in a few days or a week.


~ by mud on April 27, 2007.

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