aaahh yes, climate models.

Somedays I fear our general lack of understanding of basic science such as chemistry and biology will hurt us in a most painful manner. It saddens me that there is controversy in our school systems about “evolutionary theory” when other, much more important, immediate and personally relevant science should be taught. Things like the ocean’s chemocline. Nope, that wasn’t a misspelling of thermocline. That was chemoclime. The line at which the ocean chemistry changes. It means a different population of bacteria and creatures. Oh, ooops, not really many creatures. Make that…. some bacteria live in highly acidic waters. Most everything else doesn’t. Acid is related to the dissolved levels of carbon dioxide (Remember that sidenote about the debate of the 20th century? You know, the one about whether or not human caused carbon dioxide emissions were related to global warming?) which can, at some point kill off the living organisms that produce oxygen in the oceans.

Well, today we have another piece to the puzzle. The oceans aren’t acting as the carbon sink everyone predicted they would. Oops!

Can we say… “no more fish for dinner boys and girls”? Can we say “a bit hotter this year than expected with no forecasted end in sight”?

Well, I hope you are enjoying your global warming weather. Just don’t complain about those extreme weather events. Those are part and parcel of a warmer world.


~ by mud on May 20, 2007.

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