I read that..

neptune will go retrograde and that means that our hopes, wishes and dreams will come up for re-assessment in the next few months. I have to laugh. I think that I seem to get the blunt interpretation of things. I googled a piece of the dream I had last night and got that. It would seem that I am remembering dreams again. Rare. But that means that my dreams are coming up for assessment by being remembered. LOL.

And this was a strange strange dream. A former girlfriend of mine was married to MSO but she said she’d divorce him for me so I could marry him.

A whole galumping interpretation could be attached to that. The funny part is to know the people involved and to know how absurd the set-up is.

My interpretation: she finally let me go as the friendship didn’t end on the happiest of terms. It caused both of us a great deal of pain. MSO is just a red-herring in this one. But funny nonetheless. Sadly I can only remember one other friendship that “ended” for anything other than people moving away and moving on with their lives and that friendship was in grade school. I seem to hold onto friends (but not boyfriends).


~ by mud on May 24, 2007.

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