So what works better for you in your most intimate relationships? Giving someone the cold shoulder? Not talking about the problems that you’re having? Or negotiating. Getting stuff out and on the table. Maybe there isn’t a solution up front. Maybe it will take some time, some creativity, some re-framing. But I just realized today that the things we’re taught about communicating in our most intimate relationships aren’t applied in our diplomacy. I was reading this article and it really struck me that isolating a country wouldn’t seem to help the relationship. If we really were in it for the relationship and wanting to see some positive growth.

I never really thought to apply what I’ve been taught about personal, intimate relationships to the public sphere but here it just struck me as stupid to not be talking. Even if it’s tedious, even if it doesn’t go anywhere for years. At least the lines of commuication are open.

Maybe I’m being naive and hopeful today. Maybe I have too strong of a belief in talking and being open about what everyone wants. Someone tell me where I’m missing it. Please.


~ by mud on June 1, 2007.

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