Speaking of cloth.

My mom tells a story of me. A story of me, a babe, of not two years old. I guess my mom had me in a sling or a pack and was at the fabric store picking out fabrics to sew clothes for me. Poor, we were. The lady at the store asked my mom if she was aware that the babe on her back was intently feeling up every fabric down the line?

She said no.

Maybe that’s why I’m such a thrift store snob. I love thrift stores. For the sheer challenge of feeling up the fabrics…. is this one silk? or just a good polyester weave? Is this one 100% wool? cashmere or does it have acrylic mixed in?

The challenge of the thrift store because often the tags have gone missing and I prefer natural fibers most every day of the week, silk, wool, cotton, tencel (yup that falls in the “natural category” for me), linen.

I hit a home run yesterday. A silk shirt and scarf. A few new skirts in cotton, linen and nubby wool. Good stuff for work.

What was surprising to me was how feminine the choices I made were. I wonder if it’s MSO’s influence. That I feel feminine and pretty when he’s around. That I want to make an effort at “female-ness” compared to my usual overalls and get the job done attitude.

I wonder if he’ll notice?


~ by mud on June 3, 2007.

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