I used to know a guy that thought that I couldn’t listen. I can listen. In fact, I enjoy listening. The problem was that he equated listening with agreeing with his opinion and his position. Which, of course, I couldn’t do. Being an independent human that thinks for herself, that is.

But good news here. I’m reading “The Zen of Listening” which, just a bit into the book I’d recommend reading it, strongly. And the whoohooo good news of the day is that I get to volunteer as a mediator. It’s a fun thing to do. To listen and to help people. I got on the list. I shadow someone soon and then will get checked off to “listen on my own” after an evaluation.

Hmmm I wonder if they could re-name us “volunteer listeners” I’d like that!


~ by mud on June 5, 2007.

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