You know, there once was a man who I dated who made me a better person. That became my gold standard. Because of his attitude, his outlook, his behavior I wanted to be as happy, kind, giving, funny, caring as him. I moved in that direction too!

I think, on many levels, that partnerships holds up a mirror for us to look at ourselves. Sometimes the view is good, sometimes it isn’t. It, often, provides incentive to change.

The horrors, imagine, that the mirror is held up and you both have the SAME problem. Then you don’t have anyone to throw down a rope (idea, solution) to help you climb out of your problem as it were.

Imagine, even worse, that neither of you want to climb out of your respective problems, in fact, you like that about yourself but it causes your partner difficulties and vice versa. A contagious, self-feeding loop.

Imagine the problem is curiosity. Life becomes an idea party with information as the drug of choice.

Scarey, eh.


~ by mud on June 6, 2007.

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