Look at all the packaging.

This looks to be a fascinating book. A snapshot in time. What gets me is how much money we spend on food that is so much more processed and packaged. Yes, I will rant about how fat USians (Americans for those of you who don’t travel) really are. I’ll rant about the obesity epidemic hitting Asia as they begin the McFat diet.

And then, well, then I’ll hang my head in shame and say, yes, I ate those chips and drank that can of coke. At the very least, I have, as my saving grace, a healthy BMI and physical activity. Even if that activity is just in the garden, around the house and a matter of getting things done. I’m not perfect and I’ll admit, it’s hard to eat healthy when we’ve evolved a taste for fat and fat is so readily available in our society, in our affluence.

Hmmm need to develop a rabbit’s tastes for carrots and greens…..

In any sense, look at the pictures, get the book. Think about your priveledged place in society, in the world, in history.


~ by mud on June 9, 2007.

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