I’m pretty wrapped up with the concept of stories these days. What we tell ourselves as a story. How stories impact our worldview. How we communicate stories, how that is changing with technology. This article has a fascinating take on the stories we tell ourselves. I think it’s worth a read and worth a think. What if we can re-write history to make ourselves happier? What if we change the story we tell today or tommorrow? I wonder what kind of long-term impact that might have on ourselves and those around us?

To me, this is one of the prime mediation skills. Re-framing. It’s not changing the facts, it’s opening the possibilities wider. It gives people room to move, room to change, room to be something that they want to be…something other than the narrow, old story they’ve been telling themselves. It allows us to become closer to the person we want to be.

Maybe we can all practice, re-telling our stories, re-framing our experiences. Choosing the positive, the accepting, the compassion.

Maybe I should go back to listing my “Today’s pleasures” as a category. It was a struggle, a conscious effort at re-framing some really tough days for me last year. To focus on the good in my life and to let go of the stress of another 14 hour day. I wonder if that was a skill I was gaining and should maybe have continued? Hmmmm…..


~ by mud on June 9, 2007.

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