I was never one for history class. Some of it was interesting but mostly it was dry dry dry. History holds more value for me as I grow older. Not because I want fame, not because I think that we need to learn dates, names, or anything like that. I think the history that is interesting and valuable has more to do with tools, methods, and legal or social constructs.

In short, history class told boring stories. If history is told in the form of interesting relevant stories I suspect more people would listen and more importantly remember. You can tell a story in a different way. You could say “A piece of our forefathers hard labor was lost today.” “A piece of our people’s identity was lost today.” “Our architecture is being destroyed.” “A direct attack on our religion was made today.”

What makes me sad is that those types of buildings aren’t built much anymore. It takes skill and lots of hard work to build beautiful architecture. Those of us in the US don’t seem to have the long long history of place that other cultures that have occupied the same land, the same buildings, have. It makes me sad to see people loose a touchstone to their history, to their ancestors. How do you teach children to learn to build such structures and value that type of architecture if they don’t grow up experiencing it as a piece of their identity.

Sadness. The loss is larger than we see in the immediate blast.


~ by mud on June 13, 2007.

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