When we’re able to widen the range of what is acceptable we suffer less. I think this sums up the general problem with having specific, narrow expectations of life, love and happiness. When we expect one thing and get another we have “attached” to the thing we wanted. That reduces our ability to enjoy that which we have actually been given. What we are actually given may, in fact, be better for us, be capable of teaching us important lessons, be more pleasurable and, in short, be what we really need.

There is great benefit to “keeping an open mind”

I think our cultural expectations are the hardest to deal with as we are often unable to see them. Everyone around us carries those expectations or similar expectations. That doesn’t allow us the ability to actually have awareness of what those expectations are. That reduces our ability to change them or accept them. It, in short, reduces our freedom, mental and emotional.

Maybe that is why I value travel, immersion in other cultures, and stories from other cultures. They expand our horizons, our expectations and provide us with a level of emotional and behavioral freedom that we might not otherwise be capable of grasping from within the bonds of our cultural programming.


~ by mud on June 19, 2007.

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