Somedays, often, most days I think our lives are oh so cushy. I mean we don’t even need to go out and hunt our food down most days. We have rampant obesity. We have entertainment, on demand, 24/7.

Here are people who struggle for food, shelter and yet.. yet.. have ingenuity and creativity that blows me away. Little or no education. Little or no infrastructure or source of materials, information or anything needed to create, to carve out a niche and make money by inventing things that are useful to you, your neighbors. No, they don’t need a 46 inch plasma TV. In fact, if they had that they couldn’t run it reliably as last I remember electricity in that part of Africa went off on a regular basis and certain parts of town would be lucky to have an hour or so in the morning and evening.

Read what these people have done. It’s fun stuff. Me, need to get off lazy bum and go out and make things in this world, useful things, not junk, useful!!


~ by mud on June 24, 2007.

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