Nothing like a growing trend…

But I doubt that DiCaprio will do strawbale.  A shame if you ask me.  A wasted chance…

Probably the more interesting thing is that a whole network is rebranding to the “green” name.  That speaks louder than another demonstration village.  It says that they think there is a market out there for 24/7 “green” programming.  And they think that there are advertisers to pay for it all.

I wonder, what happens in 20 years when everyone and every “thing” is “green” whether it’s “green” or not?  What happens when that term is no longer a term to distinguish yourself or your product by?  What will be next?  Luddite?  Modern (again) … etc. etc… the words go round and round.  Will green be redefined during the next 20 years?  Or will it just be muddied even more than it already is?


~ by mud on July 14, 2007.

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