Slowly it goes.

Slowly the change comes.  Some good, some not as pleasant.  Overall it’s positive.  I’m beginning to feel more like myself again.  Much of the credit goes to wonderful friends, family and MSO.  Being nurtured when you’re struggling is the kindest thing someone can offer.  Words of success in my friend’s lives kept me moving forward.  Thankfully I see the passion returning to my life.  The enthusiasm for forward leaps.  The thrill of the daily grind that eventually adds up to the forward leaps.  It doesn’t feel so empty anymore.

Thankfully.  Sadly there is the other part of life.  The overwhelming projects that require consensus decisionmaking.  That goes slower than molasses in January.  I wish everyone involved had more time to put towards the process. But, no.  Life doesn’t always give us that.  So… slowly it goes.

The days I see progress I gain hope that there will be and end to the projects of overwhelming proportion.

Slowly, change comes.


~ by mud on July 22, 2007.

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