ROFL.  I never really stopped to think about it before.  We’re in a “public discussion” phase here about more rail-based public transit.  In other words, passenger trains.  We used to have an amazing system of rail and trolley cars.  Said to be the best in the nation.  More on that here:

But the discussion now often revolves around cost and the fact that “no one” will use it.  That they will suffer from poor ridership.  Nevermind that the Hiawatha line was at the projected 3 year level of ridership before the end of it’s first year of operation.  They say that we are tied to our cars.  But….

In any sense, the part that got me is that most of the developed world has a  different problem.  Most trains in most large cities in most of the developed world have a huge problem with overcrowding.  Not all the time.  But definitely enough that it impacts people’s quality of life.  So there they have discussions like this:

Too funny.  We think we won’t get enough people to ride our trains.  They’re desperate for more trains, more service and more seats.  The irony.  I must run off to laugh at this one…


~ by mud on July 24, 2007.

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