The salt licker.

I am renaming my cat the salt licker.  She’s better.  Unfortunately, she lost quite a bit of weight during her sickness.  She’s not the round lovable Dazi that she was.  She’s quite skinny now.  She’s also voracious in her licking.  If I don’t stop her I’ll have a bloody wound on whatever exposed skin is nearest to her.  My hands, arms, legs, feet.

I realize that it’s hot out and that I may have sweat enough for the salt to be there.  But really, it’s bad.  I’m wondering if she lost some essential nutrient while she was sick that makes her crave salt.  I don’t dare put down whole salt for her.  I can only handle her licking my hand for a few minutes before I have to stop her!


~ by mud on July 27, 2007.

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