This morning I got up and MSO asked me what I was doing. I said I was going to go make a cup of coffee (decaf) and read the “paper” as it were. I read the papers online. Usually a mix of international, local and sometimes Japanese or Kenyan papers. I really appreciate that they carry a different mix of stories and that it’s all available to me.

I do, however, miss the morning ritual that I used to have in Japan. The two cups of coffee, cereal and the whole paper from front to back. I find that reading a hardcopy paper I will stumble across strange articles. I’ll read things that I wouldn’t normally read online. I get a more rounded reading that way.

But the papers available to subscribe to in hardcopy locally suck. Period. Their editorials are backwater to say the least and their reporting is mostly on local and suburban concerns. There is very little about rural MN or the world outside of MN reported in the paper. Maybe one or two headlines under the international/national banner. It’s not worth the money.

So, instead I sit down, attached to the modern convenience of the computer and read the Daily Nation or the East African Standard.  They don’t deliver here.


~ by mud on July 29, 2007.

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