News that isn’t news.

Not a single journalist at the conference I’ve been at is willing to report on this information.  I think it’s news.  Good news that is.  Just think of a conference of 8,000 people who ALL have at least a cell phone on them if not a cell phone (or Iphone or Blackberry), laptop and camera.  The speaker halls are huge, packed and …..


Yes, I see people bounce up  and out the side door to take a phone call.  But only once, ONCE during a presentation have I actually heard a cell phone ring.

Here’s the interesting part.  Nowhere is it posted, listed, or asked of anyone to turn off their cell phone.  Not one speaker has “implored” the audience to turn off their phone.

These people are polite, respectful and oh so tech savvy.  I had no idea a conference could be so pleasant.  If only, only if, the “real world” could be like this.



~ by mud on August 5, 2007.

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