This qualifies as overdue by 10 years or more. But, atleast (atlast), it’s happening!


“Critics note both companies can see huge benefits — on the bottom line and in their public relations. Smaller containers cut down on shipping costs and shelf space, while boosting their image at a time when their labor practices and aggressive expansion have come under criticism.”

I will, indeed, smack the next person that says that it’s expensive to “go green” or “It’s not easy being green”  This is cheap for both Walmart and Target.  They get free, positive public relations and they get to save money in the actual cost of transport.

The little bit that isn’t connected for the reader of this article is that the packaging takes up less space.  So they can offer a wider selection of items in the same retail shelf space.  That, also, improves their bottom line.

The only real difficulty in “being green” is a) change b) use of your brain c) thinking a bit differently than you’ve been trained… ie get creative.


~ by mud on August 7, 2007.

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