Almost got taken out…

by a bus.  A Southwest Transit bus to be exact.  They’re quite different from the Metro Transit buses we have around here.

It didn’t signal right but started moving right, suddenly.  I ended up hitting the curb and flying onto the sidewalk.  OK I’d like to think that I flew.  More likely as my hip joint, back and neck are reporting now it was a solid thud-skid.  I scrapped up my knee and elbow and palm of one hand.

I didn’t think much of it until the next morning and discovered that I was swollen, can’t bend my right thumb, my left hip joint is screaming at me in pain, etc. etc.

I guess that’s the price you pay for coming home, putting on some bandaged, eating dinner, taking two ibprofen and going to bed.  You don’t discover the extent of the pain and damage until the next day.

I hope, and suspect, that I’ll heal fully but I’ll admit – WE NEED MORE BIKE LANES.  They’re safer.  All of the “close calls” everyone I’ve ever spoken with has not reported that it took place when they were moving within the lines of a bike lane.  Go figure.

I’ll count my blessings.  At least I didn’t crack open my head like P., who I am still very worried about.  I am hoping that he continues to heal and that the guy who hit him actually gets sued.  P. didn’t have health insurance when he was hit and has huge hospital bills with a cracked open skull.

I don’t know the details except that there was a police report and more than one witness who saw the whole thing – so there is some hope for some accuracy, of some sort.

In any sense, I hope I heal fast – I’ve got too much to do to be swollen and immobile!!


~ by mud on September 27, 2007.

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