A test.

One that was inadvertent.  One that I didn’t realize was really a test until I thought about it afterwards.  I was telling MSO about a girlfriend that had had a horrible experience with a man.  (I got to witness some of it and tried to protect her.)  I try to explain some of what this guy was like to MSO and he blurts out “why do women put up with such shit”

He was, as close as he expresses, angry.  It was amazing because his gut reaction was “this is inappropriate behavior”  It’s a relief to be with a guy that his gut response is protective of women.

Not really the way to test a guy.  But I realized after that conversation that you could test a guy’s repsonse and attitude with a similar conversation.

Yes, he passed.  Of course.


~ by mud on October 18, 2007.

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