Update update update.

I’ve been busy.  Very busy.

I’m tired of painting.  6 rooms and a long hallway, entryway and stairwell.  And counting….   The wallpaper removal has been slowed down by the experts documenting the archeological record on our walls.  Ok, maybe it’s not THAT bad. But close.

We have one layer of wallpaper that has some sort of fruit bunches on it.  One of the fruits is unidentifiable.  It’s a pear.  NO it’s a pomegranete.  Oh, no, maybe it’s just an apple.  Either that, or they used to cross breed fruit more than I ever thought possible.

So I started stripping the doors.  I hate paint stripper.  I’ve moved onto the heat gun.  Not great but better.  But then the plumber showed up.  The short story there is that (a) my neck hurts (b) whoever plumed this house originally was insane (c) galvanized pipe sucks (d) pex ROCKS.. oh and buy something called a sharkbite.  They are the most amazing little solution.

Let’s see.  If you haven’t heard from me work has kept me normally busy but then my spare time has gone to house fixin’s.  The cats are doing good.  MSO is alternatively and idiot and a sweetheart.  (not all that different than other men in that sense).  I know I’m stuck in the relationship for the long haul because his mother calls me when he doesn’t call her back.  ROFL.

I’m really enjoying my volunteering when I get a chance to get away from house stuff.  That’s about all except the part about being hit by a bus and a car within a month of eachother.  Somehow my body is healing.  I do, however, desperately need a series of massages.

That’s the short update.


~ by mud on October 18, 2007.

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