His coke habit blew up.

Literally, in his car.  A whole two liter.

Yes, this is one of the indications of a first really hard freeze here.  All those cans and bottles of coke that you didn’t remove from your car are now splattered about.

Mmmmnnnn  iced coke.  Or, then again, not.

Personally, I’m quite proud as I’ve quite the caffiene habit.  I’m on replacement for coffee in the morning and cans of sparkling water.  Almost a month solid now.

Here’s to hoping  I can stick with it.  (no pun intended)


~ by mud on December 3, 2007.

One Response to “His coke habit blew up.”

  1. That was nowhere near as scandalous as I’d hoped when I saw the title ‘His coke habit blew up’ in my RSS reader.

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