Wasting time.

 I read a truism the other day that I hadn’t every reallys sat down and thought about.

People who waste your time usually waste their time too.

I think I agree.  I started looking around at the people that I know and the ones that waste their time don’t feel any guilt or are apologetic for wasting your time.  I realize that I feel guilt when I spend too much time surfing the net or watching movies or not doing something productive.  I feel as if I am wasting my own time.

I am realizing that it makes me extremely apologetic and I don’t tend to ask the people around me for the time that I need from them.  Just as friends or family because I feel as if “just hanging” and not doing is a waste of their time, so I never ask.

It’s an interesting balance between doing and being and I’m coming to realize that most of the people around me don’t think about this on a regular basis, but I do.  Too often.  I think it almost comes down to a split between list makers and others.  The people who tend to make lists also tend to “be” less and tend to “do” more. But they also don’t waste other people’s time.  They have a point or a purpose.

I don’t see much of the extreme on either end.  But I do know people in my past that are extreme time wasters and are extreme doers.  I think I tend, heavily, towards the doer but have learned a great deal of balance in the recent past.

Here’s to hoping that I don’t waste your time, my time and still get some “being” and some “doing” in this life.


~ by mud on January 11, 2008.

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