Writing and buttered coffee.

I’ll say about the coffee first.  My cat drinks coffee.  But only the stuff with cream in it.  I am beginning to think that she has a serious thyroid problem.  She’s been on a diet (reduced calorie, reduced servings) for three months now and she’s actually gained a bit of weight.  I’m thinking it’s the coffee.

So today I made coffee and went to put in cream.  Turns out the cream was mostly frozen.  So I stirred it up with a spoon and put a dollop in.  Didn’t think much about it until I got upstairs infront of the computer and realized that it wasn’t mocha colored but pretty black.  Yup, freezing turns cream into a more butter like substance, which was floating on  top of my coffee.  It’s an interesting taste.  Not one I’d try every day but.. not bad either, just bad for you.

So, I have’t been writing here much lately as I’ve been doing other things.  I doubt that I will write here all that often in the near future as it looks like I’m going to, finally, get published.  Just a few short articles but there it is, a start, a motion forward, a communication.

Now, it’s a whole ‘nother matter as to whether or not I’ll be read by too many people.  But maybe there will be one that will learn something new or useful to them.

I will, however, empty out some interesting sites into this blog as I’ve recently cleaned out my bookmarks and discovered some old favorites that I can hope someone will like and pass on to people who will use them.


~ by mud on January 22, 2008.

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