Note to self: don’t bother flying

The TSA screeners are rude.  Period.  I have yet to meet a polite or helpful one.  Everytime I fly I get to hear rude, obnoxious comments from them, requests that make no sense and a serious disregard for basic respect for the people that pay their paycheck.

I am coming to the conclusion that I hate to fly.  It’s a nasty hasslesome process.  Period.  If we all stopped flying or, at least, cut back on our flying I’d say a large number of them would be out of work.  Maybe, just maybe they could stop and think that the vast American public is on their side, we kind of want to live to land where we’re going.  But the hassle, the rudeness, it’s becoming uncivilized here.  That’s the sign of decline that scares me.  Truly scares me.

If only we had trains like Japan.  If only we weren’t such a big country to be able to have high speed trains service.  ahhh if wishes were fishes….


~ by mud on February 3, 2008.

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