A new theory.

I’ve been reading and there is a new “theory” floating about that we could all be good environmentalists if we only worked 36 hour work weeks.  This would mean doing with less “stuff” but would probably reduce our consumption levels.

It’s a logical theory on that basis.  I am not here to dispute the finer points of whether that follows or not.  What gets me is that

a) we should be here anyways so we can allow for enough time in our lives to HAVE a relationship, to KEEP UP with friends (I’ve been horrible lately), to learn, create and have some spriritual or religious or community type activity in our lives.


b) I, personally, have come to the conclusion that it’s the only way I’ll stay sane.

There is irony in this.  Work more = more money = consume more.  Except that I don’t really seem to consume more.  I seem to be stuck on the work more.  Something about being a workaholic.  I work for the sake of working, of the beauty of the finished project, the interest in learning and challenging myself.

So the realistic way for me to stay sane is to work hourly.  No salaried jobs, nothing that “is for the good of all” because then I’ll put myself in the hospital, take my work home with me, and kill any relationship within a mile of my life.  I am finding project based pieces and hourly work combined to be the path to sanity.

Sadly, MSO doesn’t think that I’m very sane.  Maybe that is because I just took a week with A’s wonderful wonderful help to lay flooring in two rooms.  Or a few weeks before that I sheetrocked the ceiling that fell in (again with the help of S. and MSO).  And no, none of that is for pay.  Just for livability issues.

And then there is the garden I spent a few days planning and ordering seeds.  I used to wonder how people had so much time to watch TV every night and talk about the shows at work.  I now realize that I’m doing this or that creative project, challenging myself to a new skills.  I now just accept that others will have a TV show to talk about and I won’t have much of anything except the sheetrock, plaster, flooring or garden to talk about.  That is, except for the science, politics and word events category… but the long story short.

I wonder, truly do wonder, if given a shorter work week if we would just fill the extra time with more TV or if we, as a culture, would find the time to try new things? help our neighbor? spend more time with our friends?


~ by mud on February 17, 2008.

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