I’ve been had.  Totally and completely.  Just for the record.  It’s not often that anyone every gets me half as bad as this.

Weeks ago, on the phone:  (about another business trip)

C: You’re leaving on the 14th?  For how long?

MSO: Just a day and a half.

C: Can’t you leave on the 15th? Can you move it a day?

MSO: No.  Why?

C: But that’s that’s Valentines day!  Not that I want chocolates or anything, just want to go out to dinner with you.

MSO: Valentine’s day?  I thought that was the second Sunday of Feb., you mean it doesn’t move?  It’s always on the 14th?

C: Duh. Aren’t there enough advertisements to clue you in?

MSO: Well, I can’t move it.  Sorry.


Nothing else said for weeks.  In the car, at the train station, on the 14th:

C: I’m disappointed but I’ll get over it.

MSO: Want a candy heart? (from a box he’d already opened and ate half of them)

C: No. Have a good trip.

MSO: bye. –

I go home to find a STACK of chocolate bars (every flavor out there) on my bed along with the funniest V-day card ever.  EVER.

On the inside MSO writes “You thought I forgot didn’t you”

Not “Happy V-day” or “I love you” or anything sappy like that.

He just wanted me to know that I’d been had.  Totally and completely.  I laughed so hard I had to sit down.  I think it was 5 minutes or so that I couldn’t stop laughing.

Days later he is still teasing me about it all.  Man, not only have I been had, but he has to REMIND me that I’ve been had.  Oh well, it was a good laugh. 🙂


~ by mud on February 17, 2008.

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