Other updates….

Ok, am still working on the book.  More difficult and futzy than I ever expected.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re picky and a bit of a perfectionist.

MSO had a miracle admission the other night, one which I am forever thankful there was a live witness for.  He said “I have too much stuff”  Now, in the past he’d admit to having a lot of stuff but I don’t think previously he’s ever had a clue how much JUNK he collects.  How much stuff that he doesn’t need, will never use, and will never look at again is SAVED.

What this means is that we are finally down to cleaning his mess.  It’s going to take a few more months and I’m starting to put hanging files together to track the documents that mean something or are needed for work so… tis good, just really slow and therefore frustrating.

I’ve got two garden beds almost finished.  Need to haul more woodchips to tamp down the weeds before I attempt flowers and herbs.  That’s 3 more beds to go and my body hurts.  Each bed takes a few yards of soil and considering that I’m hauling it by hand.. ouch.

Working to organize my electronic life.  Google reader has been a help.  Fewer listservs and more RSS.  It’s easier to scan and dump or scan and read.  Trying out twitter, don’t know why except the hype and curiosity to see how they’ve integrated the technology.  So far it just gives me errors.

Hrm – lots more to update but am tired and up against other obligations so I might even write more some other day.


~ by mud on April 17, 2008.

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