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OK, ok, long time no write.  I know.  Busy, busy cleaning up after others.

I have been watching a phenomenon and compared this to the experiences of some of my friends.  Having lived alone for so much of my life and having had a very clean and responsible father I guess I never really realized this.

Quite often men in our society are not taught how to take care of themselves or to clean up after themselves.  Either they never learned or it doesn’t occur to them to be responsible for such stuff.  For example, there aren’t any clean dishes left, the dishwasher is full, there is then ipso facto a need to RUN  THE DISHWASHER!

But no, instead they will go eat at McDonald’s.

I just don’t get it.  Or a friend who shared the embarassing story of a guy who just has no clue of the physics of a toilet plunger and how to use it without covering the whole bathroom and himself with dirty splatter.

I begin to wonder if there is something sexist in the manner in which we parent our kids?  Are parents taking the time to equally explain to their male and female children how to wash their clothes?  Or are these guys being raised in a family where the mother does everything and he never has to learn basic concepts of water and washing machines?

I begin to wonder about the women my age who are looking for a life partner.  How disappointed they must be to discover these guys are borderline incompetent when it comes to self-care, household care, or even egads household repair.  Downright clueless.  But they do know how to play a mean xbox game.

I also wonder what the first few years out of the home was like for these guys?  Did the other guys (the few with a clue) ever say to the roommate that he doesn’t need to put two cupfuls of detergent in the washer?  or run a load twice?

Why is this not something so very basic, that detergent makes water “wetter” for lack of a better term and therefore it penetrates the fabric to help remove the dirt.  There is only so much “wetter” that so much detergent can make water.  Washing clothes creates wear and tear on them so the hotter and more often you wash and dry the sooner they wear out.  Duh.  Why is this rocket science?

I just am amazed at the stories I’ve been hearing and watching lately and wonder what rock these kids grew up under.

Which brings me back to my thankfulness for MSO who, even now, still does his own laundry.


~ by mud on April 17, 2008.

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