For your information overload…

I’ve been using an RSS reader quite heavily for the last bit and have found it quite useful to narrow my focus when I need to cover a particular subject.  That’s easy for tech subject but here is a method to give you thought, analysis and learning in a variety of other subjects:

I’ve also discovered that a regular pruning of the RSS feed is necessary and helpful for focus. Not that I don’t on average wake up to 1000+ articles and often dump in areas I don’t have time or interest for.  Very few blogs and feeds continuously hold my attention before they begin to get repetitive after enough time reading them…

In other tech news, I’ve given up on Safari, Camino, FF3 and have discovered that I can crash any browser out there.  Flashblocker is the best invention ever and the code is clippable and transferable as a script from FF3 to other browsers.  It keeps the fan from kicking on because of stupid flash ads.

I am formally giving up on yahoo messenger which I’ve reloaded three times in the last couple of months and it continuously crashes on me.  I’m on skype and will post contact info soonish, it’s low priority.


~ by mud on July 6, 2008.

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