A break

Finally, after two months of just straight craziness I got a chance to sleep a decent night’s sleep and get some actual work done.  I’ve got two stories in the hopper, took a 10 minute yoga break, got a cup of tea and am back at it with two more stories to rough out.  It feels amazingly good to have finished something, just anything, and not have it hanging loose and have to change focus to the most unpleasant dealings of a frivilous and false lawsuit.  Harrassment, etc. etc.

This also coincided with a break in the weather as we got rain, lots of it, so I don’t have to water the new trees or the garden and the temperature broke.  So the office is cool enough to work in and not mop up sweat from the keyboard every few minutes.  I finally got curtains from the thrift store in the office so the afternoon sun doesn’t blind me (the window spot is the only clean spot in the office to sit).  MSO needs to finish cleaning the rest of the office so I can file stuff and have access to more of the desk.  It’s on the list but low priority for him, and I don’t blame him.

In other news, I am wholly and completely tired of calling contractors to track down bids, but I know this is jut the beginning.  They’re all very nice, just busy.  Am hoping for a fix before the damage blows and we have a real mess.  So it goes.

In the bad news category, I am saddened everytime I look at the bamboo flooring A. and I laid in the east rooms.  Christian – the nightmare renter – scraped through the finish and into the bamboo.  Bamboo is supposed to be a very hard surface so this is beyond frustrating.  There are some people in this world that are just plain mean and inconsiderate and unfortunately we have spent two months dealing with one.


~ by mud on July 13, 2008.

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