feedback mechanisms

One of the largest problems with the average person being capable of making changes in their lifestyle is that environmental impacts are carried out on a much longer time scale the the average person thinks in.  Our bodies have many many feedback mechanisms but they work on a very short timescale and so transferring the thoughts and reactions of a short timescale to a longer timescale makes many people think that there is “nothing wrong” as their day to day life isn’t directly impacted or the impact is so small that they figure it’s random variation.  The one thing we, as a society, need more of are feedback mechanisms that help average people make better environmental choices.  Higher prices for water and electricity come to mind first.  There would need to be a “basic allocation” at a basic price, ie enough drinking and washing water for a family of four, and then the price would go up significantly giving the right pricing indicators for people to conserve their water use.  Paris, of all places, seems to have come up with another feedback mechanism, one that is innovative and just a bit of fun!


~ by mud on July 14, 2008.

One Response to “feedback mechanisms”

  1. I think that is a great Idea. People have no idea what is going on unless it is indicated in big flashing bill board right in front of them on a daily basis. They cannot conceive of the clean up costs and health expenditures that they end up paying down the road.
    Bye the way, Hi! You may remember me from way back. I was the proud owner of the flaming Datsun with the smiley face. I wish I had pictures of that old wreck.

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