I swear that someday, far in the future, I will stumble into a corner of the house and find a congregation of tape measures.  I swear they must walk or scoot or something to get away from me.  I know we own at least 5 or 6 and can I find ONE, no not one.

I don’t think that they breed.  It’s not like socks that go disappearing in the dryer and then weeks later a different looking single sock will pop out of the dryer.  They just go.  I wonder if they’re meeting and comparing measurements, how we use them, or what.

Or maybe they’re going extinct.  I don’t think that they die from old age.  I swear we need one of those lock boxes for fires with the glass that says “break in case of an emergency” and then you can flip the switch and get water or whatnot.  We need those positioned around the house with tape measures, and locks on them too so they can’t run away.

Maybe they’re congregating to compare their yellowness or chromeness and rust spots.  Who knows, I just know that they go and it’s quite frustrating.


~ by mud on August 1, 2008.

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