ackh. such a hot date on Friday night.

Well, I haven’t been here in awhile. Too many things to juggle and too many people pulling me in different directions. So tonight I had a hot hot date. I spent the evening, after sealing grout, cleaning up hairballs (not mine), … digging plant roots out from the sewer stack and the wall. They were growing so well through the mortar of the bricks that they replaced the mortar in quite a few instances. So one more repair item for my to-do list. No, it doesn’t ever get shorter. It just gets longer and then you die.

So yeah, while others are out having a hot date on Friday night, or snuggling with their sweetie in front of a movie, or playing with their kids I am…. diggin out roots that were loving the sewer stack “mnnn good shit” was what they told me.

I had to take a sawzall to the darned things to get them to separate.

The sad part is MSO won’t even notice. His first question when talking to me today (he’s overseas, again) was not “how are you doing” or any such thing as that. It was “did the server arrive” Go figure. I wonder if I exist. No, I must exist, those plant roots had a good struggle with me. (here’s to hoping they weren’t virginia creeper roots- although I have a sneaking … sinking… suspicion that they are)


~ by mud on March 6, 2009.

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