my week as a luddite ie please call/email me

Well, more than a week and it’s not over yet.

It all starts with the USB ports on my laptop shorting out and dying. MSO kindly tried to swap out parts from a matching laptop to mine and managed to fry the motherboard. It was 96% chance not his fault and really a knock on effect of the USB problem.

Let’s add to that Qwest pulled the plug on our internet at work (old system) and then tech support lied to me about the fact that they could ping me. We will have new, different provider, internet on Tues. of this next week.

Then to top it all off… My phone died. The one and only cell phone that I have loved. The one I said will have to be pried, cold and dead, from my fingers (the phone being cold and dead – not my fingers) and lo and behold. Well it just was. In this process of unexpected phone death I have received NO phone calls, txts or other communication. I also have lost my phone book. We were unable to bring it back to artificial life long enough to transfer my contact information to the SIM card for transfer to my new phone (which is charging as we speak).

So, if you know me and want me to ever call you again please call me and leave your name and your phone number. Or email me that information, or snail mail it. Leave work, home, cell – however you want me to be able to get ahold of you.

Yes, that means you mom! Dad I still have your number burned into memory.

If you don’t ever wish to hear from me, my apologies, but please skip the snarky comments.


~ by mud on April 4, 2009.

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